Class Descriptions 

  • Tai Chi- for wellness. This is an introductory course into a low-impact, relaxing form of exercise for the health of your mind and body using slow circular fluid movements to enhance posture, flexibility and mobility. Our Tai Chi for Wellness program, is shown to help  prevent falls, improve balance and coordination, and enhance mental wellness. Our Tai Chi for Health programs are accessible for just about anyone and are easy-to-learn and safe. 30 minutes in duiration,  Instructor, Cory Rohlf, PT

  • Spin-Something for everyone! Intervals, rolling hills, sprints, inclines.... all to music hand picked to motivate and inspire. This is a great workout if you want to burn calories and increase endurance. Come on in for the ride. Instructor, Kim Thompson  

  • Cardio & Strength - This class will utilize Dumbbells, Body Bars, or Medicine Balls for the strength portion of the class. It will include upper body, lower body, and core exercises in every class. We will do athletic cardiovascular movements for the cardio segments of the class. It will include balance exercises at the end of every class. Modifications will be available. Senior friendly format. Class length 40-45 minutes. 











Sit To Be Fit-  Our Sit and Be FIT class is to work on upping muscle strength, flexibility, and core strength. This helps your balance all while using your own body resistance, light weights, and exercise bands! Using a chair, the class works with resistance bands & light weights to give you a workout without being on your feet. Therefore, this lessens the impact of exercise on your joints. We recommend this class especially for those with arthritis, as this class has less pressure on joints. This low-impact exercise is perfect for older adults to build strength and stay active. This exercise program provides you the opportunity to strengthen your muscles without the impact of running or intense movements. Instructor- Joyce Boyd


Space is limited, so call us today at 325-294-4702, reserve your spot on the WellnessLiving App or visit our website at


Special instructions

Wear loose fitting , comfortable clothing and bring water to drink.

Tai Chi
Spinning Class
Llifting Weights